Roger Hance FRPS Photography

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A slide talk showing the flora and fauna of the British Isles, moving through  the four seasons of the year. Starting at the beginning of the year in January, it moves through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and shows the divers range of wildlife we have in this country.


This slide talk shows some of the wildlife that can be found in our gardens. Because a lot of the natural hedgerows in our countryside are diminishing, it is increasingly more important that we try to help our wildlife out by turning our gardens into habitats that will encourage birds, mammals and insects to live in. This talk show some of the typical wildlife that we can attract as well as some unusual varieties that we may not even know live there.


A talk showing the wide and diverse range of birds found in the British Isles, -from common Garden Birds to birds of Woodland and Moorland, - Birds of Prey to birds in and around our Seabird Islands, - birds found in our estuary’s to birds found in and around our rivers and streams.


When we walk through a typical broadleaf woodland we do not always see the wealth and breadth of the diverse wildlife that lives there. This talk show some of the birds, mammals, insects, wild flowers, fungi  and sometimes unusual subjects that can be found there which at first sight are not always visible until we start to look more closely.


A talk that shows some of the amazing wild flowers that can be found throughout the British Isles. Whilst showing some of the more common and well know varieties , it also show some of the lesser known plants that can actually be found to have medicinal properties. The talk also shows an in depth look at some of the magnificent Wild Orchids that we find in our countryside.


This slide talk shows the wide range of butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies, invertebrates, moths and insects found in our countryside as well as a closer look at the wide range of plants, flowers and fungi growing in the undergrowth.


This is a new digital talk showing my latest images, and covers a broad spectrum  of flora and fauna that can be found in the British Isles. As well as showing in depth some of the more common forms of wildlife , it also show others which are not so common, and ranges  from birds, butterflies, moths, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, orchids, fungi and much more.